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BOWZER'S B & B Kennels in Ferndale, WA

Isabelle — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
Isabelle: "What? I am sitting!"


Serving Ferndale, Bellingham, Birch Bay, Whatcom County, and Vacationers from all over the world.

Penny — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
My name is Penny. I am a very old girl, and I can't hear anymore. Grandma Bowzer has a very nice soft bed and blanket in her house where I sleep and where I dream. She saves this space just for these tired old bones of mine. Grandma loves me so much."
Baxter — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
It's true! Part of the Kennel assistant's job is to take naps on the couch with special clients like Baxter!
Ranger — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
I'm Ranger and yes I do look like some of Grandma's and Grandpa's Bowzer's Buddies. I was born at Bowzer's January 2004, and now I live in Mt. Vernon with my wonderful people Elenor and Tim. They went on vacation and I got to have tons of fun visiting with Grandma & Grandpa."
Noel — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
Noel: "But Grandma...
I don't want a bath!"
Anny — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
Beautiful Anny gets a new home! Our beautiful girl has had such a difficult time in her first two years of life. She was given away and knocked about, wounded and given away yet again, and again, until through much hardship she made her way to us. After interviewing several potential adoptive parents, she has been placed in her new home with Don and Della. Since then Don has called to say how happy they are with their new girl and how much they love her. We just want to say a heartfelt thank you to Don and Della for being such wonderful people and for their gift of love and devotion to our beautiful Anny.
We also want to thank all the other applicants who took time and made the effort to to open their hearts to Anny. We truly hope you all find that special furry soul mate.
Thank you
Gracie — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
"I'm Big beautiful Basset and Dachshund. Grandma Bowzer says it takes a while for my backside to catch up with the rest of me. I like my Grandma and Grandpa Bowzer. They tell me all the time how pretty I am."

Welcome to Bowzer's B & B Kennels

Hours: 8:00AM-5:30PM 7 days a week
We do board dogs during the holidays, however we are closed for drop off and pick up on the following days:
  • January 1st
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
Thank you for expressing your interest in Bowzer's B & B Kennels! It is our goal to make your dog as comfortable and as happy as possible while you are away. Our kennels are individual canine condos that are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Each unit is individual and surrounded with fresh air. Your pet will enjoy 4 play times a day.


We do not accept credit cards or checks. U.S. currency cash only.
  • 1 dog per kennel $19.00
  • 2 dogs per kennel $28.00
  • 3 dogs per kennel $40.00

Dog Food:

We ask that you bring your own dog food with instructions on how much to feed your dog. Please do not change your dogs diet in anyway to avoid an upset tummy. For your convenience you can use our dog food for an added fee:
Iam's Dog Food fee of 50 cents per 1/2 cup with a minimum of 1/2 cup per day.
Example: 1 cup twice per day would cost $2.00
1/4 cup small bites twice a day would cost 50 cents.
1.5 cups twice a day would cost $3.00 etc.


We try to be as flexible as possible with our check in and check out times. These are by reservation only, as early as 8:00am and as late as 5:15PM. We ask that you make a reservation time you will be checking in and checking out, and we ask that you call us at least 1/2 hour before arriving for check in and for check out. This gives us time to make sure all the other boarders and our dogs are put away. This way we won't have to leave you standing on the front porch or sitting in your car while we attend to the dogs.


We understand that there are times when flights are canceled, business meetings are extended, or other unforeseen circumstances pop up. Please call us and we will do everything we can to assist you in caring for your beloved pet. However... Please do not leave us hanging here wondering what happened to you. Because we are such a small kennel, we are booked much of the time. If your dog is still here beyond his, or her check out date and their kennel is already booked for another dog then your dog has to stay in the house with us. This usually makes your pet very happy. Just remember that inside lodging is twice the rate as the canine condos and is not typical. If we have openings in the canine condos you will be charged the normal rate. Please know that if you are late and do not call us there will be a $50.00 daily late fee added to your bill.


All dogs must have updated vaccinations including a Bordatella vaccination, and all dogs must be treated for fleas before entering the kennel compound. Flea collars are not considered flea treatment. Please use advantage, frontline, program, or other Vet recommended flea treatments. Please note that most Vets administer the Bordatella vaccine once a year. Our kennels require it every 6 months. Bordetella is not among your normal vaccinations. You must request this vaccine from your Vet. If your dog has not been vaccinated in the previous 6 months with the Bordatella Vaccine then it must be administered a minimum of 7 days before your dog enters our kennel compound. Also please be aware that the vaccine does not always protect your dog. You should speak to your vet about this. For those of you that are not familiar with Bordetella ( Kennel Cough) It is like a very bad bronchial virus that causes severe coughing and congestion which is generally treated with antibiotics and cough syrup, and can take 10 to 20 days to clear up.

The Contract:

In our main menu, you will see a link to our "Contract" page. You can review the contract there, or print off a pdf from the button on that page or the button below. You can also fill one out here, if you prefer.

We Do Not Board Aggressive Dogs!

**Please Note: We do not board rottweilers, pit bulls, American bull dogs, Staffordshire Terriers, Chow Chows, or any aggressive dogs. This includes breeds mixed with any of the above breeds.
If you have any questions please call the above number.
Patient dog — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
"Grandma had to take me to the hospital 'cause I had a bladder stone. I wasn't even eating rocks. Don't know how it got in there? Grandma took real good care of me while my mommy Donna had to be away. I just love it when grandma cuddles with me. She says I am her bestest little man!"

Lukas — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA

Lukas in the comfort zone

The rainbow — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA

Where we run under the rainbow.

Canine Condos — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA

The Canine Condos

Little Abby — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA

Little Abby playing kill the bungee puppy!

Missy — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA

Little girl Missy. Tiny Girl....Huge personality! And a great big heart!

Harlie — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
Harlie: "Grandma Bowzer gave me this great bone! She says I'm a pretty Vizsla girl. I love my Grandma Bowzer!"
Grandma Bowzer — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
Grandma Bowzer: "The rainy day look... or is it Nanook of the North?"
Coco — Dog Boarding in Ferndale, WA
"No, I never starred in "Men in Black" but Grandma says I am beautiful enough to be a Star! And now look at me, my picture in all over the internet!" Ohhh...Fame is good!"