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Our Happy Pups | Ferndale, WA

Happy Clients

Nick — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Nick finds his comfort zone
Daisy — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Daisy: "If I fall asleep, don't wake me."
Rusty — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Rusty: "This is my Smiley Face"
Baby Milly — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Baby Milly has gone on to become a certified therapy dog!
Coco 1 — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Coco: "Is it play time? Is it? Is it? Is it?"
Cole 1 — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Cole: "It's a "ruff" life, but someone has to do it."
Rosa — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Rosa: "Nice dog bed!"
Custer and Cody — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Custer and Cody

Bowzer's Stars

Pretty Ally — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Pretty Ally with Papa John
Dewey — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Dewey: "This is my chair. Mine, Mine, Mine! Papa says so!"
Boule — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Boule: "I was Napolean in a past life...and Caesar...and...NOW...I AM BOULE! It just doesn't get better than this!"
Max — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Max: "Sittin' on top of the world...Doin' my job...watchin' the world go byyyyy..." Come on every body sing! "Watchin' the world go byyyyy!"
Sable — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Sable; "I am half coyote and half beautiful. Does this make me Beauty & the Beast?"
Coco 2 — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Coco: "Hey...There's food in this thing over here... it's all mine, right? O.K. I'll just guard it 'till the cows come home."
Kelly Sue — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Kelly Sue: "I love you. Do you love me? Can I sit in your lap now? Will you give me a cookie?"
Bubba — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bubba: "Ahhh, C'mon Grandma, I washed behind my ears."
Abbeline (Abby) — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Abbeline (Abby): "Grandma loves me most! She told me so! So there!"
Kona — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Kona: "I just spread "Peace & Love" It's my job. I am just too happy."
Lukas — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Lukas: "I hear voices...Lukas, I'm your father. I look up and it's Yoda! Whew! Then I wake up."
Cole 2 — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Cole: "I am a lap puppy. Work with me on this. I can fit!"
Alright, we get a little involved with our critter clients. We just can't help it. They never stop amazing us, their expressions and actions just say, "Love Me. It is why I am on this earth. You need someone to pet and cuddle and play with, and I need someone to love me while Mom and Dad are away. We will change these photos out occasionally only because we run out of room on our website. Stay tuned and maybe your special furry friend will say hello to the world someday from Bowzer's B & B Kennels.
You and your critters have a great day and great life!

More Bowzer's Stars

Indie — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Indie: "I'm Shitzu and Yorkie... Please don't try to shorten that into one word...believe me...it just won't sound too pretty. Grandma Bowzer says I can ride around in her apron pocket while she tends to her chores! It's fun!"
Baxter 1 — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Baxter: " Does this make me an Afghan Hound?
Sage — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Sage: "Grandma Bowzer says I am the sweetest and the most beautiful English Setter. I said, Thank You, with a British accent of course. I like going for long walks in Bowzer's fields with Grandma and Grandpa."
Kaya — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Kaya: "My smile is so big that Grandma Bowzer says I have dimples. I like Grandma. She lets me sit in her lap and I cover her with kisses. She calls me kissy face."
Holly & Hootch — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Holly & Hootch: "Grandpa! My ball is under your chair!"
Little Lucy Bartleson — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Little Lucy Bartleson: "I really was one of Grandma & Grandpa Bowzer's Babies. I was born in their house and so was my little brother, Buddy. Shhhhhh.... Don't tell him, but I was their favorite! And then we went to live with really really swell Bartleson people."
Dutchess — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Dutchess: "Even though I am royal, all of my subjects love me, especially Grandma & Grandpa at Bowzer's"
Wags — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
"Hi, I'm Wags. My tail goes a gazillion miles an hour! Can you do that with your tail? Will you throw the ball for me again, again, again, again! Gosh! I am so cute!"
Missy & Suki — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Missy & Suki: "Missy may have Grandpa's lap, but I have this nice soft squishy pillow. And Grandpa pets and pets and pets me."
Baxter 2 — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
"Yep, Yep, Yep...Baxter's the name. Been around fur a spell I have. Why... I remember when gasoline was a buck a gallon! Ahhh those were the days! No creakity joints back then neither. Ya know.... Grandma Bowzer's no young pup herself. She understands us old timers. Yep, Ya know she lets me sleep in the house on a real nice soft bed under my special blanket. I just love that woman. Why... If I were a younger... well never mind.... that's another story."
Little Buddy Bartleson — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Little Buddy Bartleson: "Yak! Yak! Yak! Gosh girls talk a lot!"
Bear Bear — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bear Bear: " I'm a Grizzzzzzly! I'm a Bear Bear! But....Grandma Bowzer calls me a Teddy Bear"
Missy — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Missy: " I'm a BIG girl! and Grandpa carries me around, and I sit on his lap, and I sleep on his lap, and I almost fit in his shirt pocket! He's sooooo strong! He's my Grandpa Bowzer!"
Little Abby and tiny Otto — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Little Abby and tiny Otto:" C'mon, Otto, I like your little designer jeans." And you are so handsome! Gosh...I think I love you!"
Nellie — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Nellie: "O.K. , I'm ready! Scratch my tummy"
Bowzer's Bailey  — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Bailey (and Teddy)
Fence — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Hey! Where's the fence, and why is the sky falling?
Bowzer's Buddies — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Some of Bowzer's Buddies
Sampson and Bobcat — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Sampson and Bobcat
Attack of the waggin' tails — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Attack of the waggin' tails
Bowzer's Sara & Baby Bailey — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Sara & Baby Bailey
Bowzer's Sara & Baby Bailey — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Sara & Baby Bailey

More Bowzer's Stars

Future Field Champion — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Future Field Champion (or, who's got my tail, and what do you want!)
RosaLee Bell Blossom — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's RosaLee Bell Blossom
The pocket puppy — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
The pocket puppy
Steve & Laurel — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Steve & Laurel's "Northwest Fly'n Bear"
Bowzer's Oliver — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Oliver (the special boy)
The Run — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
The Run
Daddy Copper & Baby Rosa — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Daddy Copper & Baby Rosa
The puppy huddle — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
The puppy huddle
Bowzer's Babies — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Babies
Hiding dog — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
You can't see me because I am hiding.
Bonnie Angus & Red Mountain Ruby — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Bonnie Angus & Bowzer's Red Mountain Ruby
Bowzer's Coppertop Bartleson Johnson (Grandpa Dog) — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Coppertop Bartleson Johnson (Grandpa Dog)
Tony & Dawn's Lester & Jack — Gallery in Ferndale, WA
Tony & Dawn's Lester & Jack
Well as you can see we have just a few dogs of our own. 8 to be exact. 7 Golden Retrievers and 1 wheaten terrier/ giant shnuazer mix (Oliver) . Oliver used to be a client. One day his owner came asking for help to find a new home for him. Well that was nearly 3 years ago. We just loved him too much to say good-bye.
We love our critters. And we love your critters too. Thanks for checking us out, and you and yours have a great day!
June 1st, 2007 update:
Sadness comes with many happy memories. We have lost 2 of our loves within these last 2 months. First it was our RosaLee in march to kidney failure, and now we have lost our Sammy to lymphoma cancer. To some folks six dogs left would seem like a lot, to us there are two very empty places in our hearts. We would like to thank our many, many, clients who have wished us well and given so much of their heart felt sympathy. Thank You.
November 29, 2008 update.
It has been a difficult year. We are now down to five furry friends. Our special Oliver passed away July 22 from complications after pancreatic surgery, and we feel the loss of two of our good clients, Elody's sweet boy, Ogden passed away August 7th and Judy's Cole passed away while wintering together in Mexico. They will all be greatly missed.
December 6, 2009 update.
Sadness visits our home once again. Our Copper dog passed away December 4th, 2009. His hips gave way and he could no longer walk. We have four of our loves left, and another very empty spot in our hearts. Also this year Our friends Carl and Barbara lost their little Taz and our client Marshall lost his dalmation, max. God speed to our furry loves. They are greatly missed.