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Pet Memorials


Coppertop Bartleson Johnson

September 25, 1995 - December 4, 2009
Coppertop Bartleson Johnson — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Copper was five years old when he came to live with us. What a brute! 96 pounds of solid strength and affection. He fathered 3 beautiful litters of puppies of which we have his and Sara's daughter Bailey and 2 of Bailey's pups, our Angus and Ruby. Many of Copper's pups went on to become field trial champions, service dogs, and loving companions. Copper had a good long run. 14 years. He is greatly missed in our household and in our hearts.
God love him, and Bless him, and keep him close until we meet again. We love you very much, our big boy.
Good night and sweet dreams.


Taz — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Taz's Daddy called us today from Texas to say that little Taz passed away July 19, 2009 from complications of Diabetes. Our hearts go out to them. Carl and Barbara are wonderful warm people who loved their little guy to bits. We had the joy of taking care of Taz on a few occasions. He made us smile and laugh as we watched him utilize every piece of furniture we own to climb as high as he could. He would perch himself on one of our bar stools and howl (sing) like a tiny wolf. Taz would often lay claim to some of our personal items, anything within his reach was fair game, and if we were missing something, we would find it buried under his blanket and inside his bed. Tiny little dog...Great big personality. Like a little thief, Taz stole our hearts, and he will remain there always. He will be missed. God Bless and keep him.


June 1998 - July 22, 2008
Oliver — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Bowzer's Oliver. We used to call him the "Colonel". He was almost always way too serious, yet on rare occasions he would take off running and jumping like a pup until he realized that he had temporarily lost his composure. He loved us with fierce loyalty and always thought he should have been the only dog in our lives: even though he did grow terribly fond of our little Ruby, who absolutely forced herself on him from the time she was just a tiny puppy. Oliver died from complications after pancreatic surgery. He was just 10 years old. We miss him very much and hope he waits for us on the rainbow bridge along with our Sammy and Rosa. Farewell for now, Oly. We love you and miss you.


Ogden — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Ogden passed away August 7th, 2008. Just one of the sweetest old timers we have had the joy to care for over the years. Ogden was completely deaf which made it a challenge at times if he was out in the kennel run when play time came around. That meant Grandma Bowzer, on hands and knees, head poking out of the canine condo door, and cookie in hand. Ogden may have been deaf, but his sniffer worked just fine. He was a very lucky old boy. His owner, Elody, picked him from a shelter even though he was already old and a bit sick. She gave him a wonderful home and I truly believe that between Elody and her other canine, Parker, they helped Ogden live a bit longer and a lot happier. Bless her and all the other wonderful loving people out there that are willing to share their love, hearts, and homes with beautiful elderly dogs like Ogden. He is greatly missed.


Cole — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Cole....What a grand beasty boy he was. Cole passed away in Mexico while wintering there with his owner, Judy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her. Cole will be greatly missed and our memories of him greatly treasured. We have not met Judy's new companion as yet, but we hear through the grape vine that Judy has a new young man in her life that is sure to grow up as handsome as Cole. We understand his name to be "Nat". We look forward to meeting him when they come home in the spring.

Maximus Snoop Faulkner (Max)

June 4, 1997 to January 10, 2008
Maximus Snoop Faulkner — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
We say a very sad farewell to Max. Some of you may have seen the other photo on our website of max proudly sitting atop a mountain of cedar chips guarding our front yard.
Mollie and Kaye kindly sent us this Photo of max with his memorial card. I would like to share this card with all of you out there in dog lover land. It is as follows:
We adopted Max from the Old English Sheepdog Society of Seattle through their fabulous rescue program. He was 5 1/2 years old, beautifully trained, a big fluffy sweetheart who had been sadly neglected. He was so afraid of being left somewhere that every time he got in the car he hyperventilated until he was satisfied we were at the park or home.
We adopted Max from the Old English Sheepdog Society of Seattle through their fabulous rescue program. He was 5 1/2 years old, beautifully trained, a big fluffy sweetheart who had been sadly neglected. He was so afraid of being left somewhere that every time he got in the car he hyperventilated until he was satisfied we were at the park or home.
When we first got him we encouraged him to focus on tennis balls, fearing that given the opportunity he would make a dash for it. He never lost his passion for tennis balls, two of them - one in his mouth and the other to "round up" when it was thrown. He proudly walked in the Bellingham Ski to Sea parade two years in a row with other O.E. Sheepies. Then his arthritis became too debilitating. With the help of medication and lots of love and encouragement he lived for another year always happy, loving every visit to the park and chasing his precious tennis balls.
His soulful eyes, one brown and the one blue, his large fluffy frame, and his enthusiasm for walks, food and tennis balls will leave a big void in our hearts forever.
A special thanks to Suzi Sacha who introduced us to Max, and Dr. Carrie Trimble who kept his final days comfortable.
Mollie and Kaye
Bowzer's would like to sincerely thank Mollie and Kaye for allowing us to care for Max and their other companion Boule. Max was a very special boy, and he will be greatly missed.
We would also like the world to know how much Mollie and Kaye, and so many kind hearted people like them, are so appreciated for their love and devotion to rescue dogs. It is difficult to imagine that anyone could have neglected a sweet boy like Max. Unfortunately their are those out there that do mistreat animals. But through education and determination, and so much effort made by the good people in this world, there is hope for these beautiful shelter and rescue animals that wait for a loving soul to help them.

RosaLee Bell Blossom

October 5, 2002 - March 16, 2007
RosaLee Bell Blossom — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Our dear sweet Rosa. She covered us with kisses that we miss so very much. Sweet baby girl. Our foot warmer at night and so special companion. We are so grateful for the near 4 1/2 years of love and devotion she gave so freely.
We will be forever grateful to our Vet. Dr. John Berry at Lynden Veterinary Hospital and his staff for the weeks of devoted love and care he gave her while working so very hard to save her life.
We will not say good-bye, we will only say, "See ya later when one day we meet again on the rainbow bridge and together we will begin yet another adventure together. Until then, We love you and we miss you.
We also want to thank our dear friends, Tony & Dawn, John & Carol, and Steven & Linda for all their love and support through this difficult time.

Sampson Sunset Summoner

May 25th, 1998 - May 30th, 2007
Sampson Sunset Summoner — Memorials in Ferndale, WA
Sweet, gentle, ever so loving boy. The first time I seen Sammy he was quietly sitting in a flower bed munching the beautiful blooms, ignoring his brothers and sisters, just content to enjoy his solitude. He never changed. Oh so gentle, never in your face, ever so regal, and always so happy. He never liked swimming, he never played fetch, he would so gently lay his head in our lap for a very unintrusive pat on the head, scrub behind the ear, a scratch on the back-side. He loved ice cubes as treats. He was our first boy, our first love.
We lost him to lymphoma just 5 days after his 9th birthday.
Our tears still flow, our hearts still ache. There is a great empty spot in our hearts without him. Once again we will not say good-bye. We will only say, "We love you and we will see you later." We know he waits for us along with our RosaLee. Until we meet again. We love you, and we miss you, Our dear Sammy.
We would again like to Thank Dr. John Berry for his love and devotion toward our grand family of furry friends. He is such a treasure, and to our friends, Tony and Dawn, John and Carol, and Steven and Linda, Their patience with our critters, and their love and support means so much to us. We love you and are so grateful that you have come into our lives.